BFFA MEMBERS: Please contact an Executive Board Member or a  BFRA (Berkeley Firefighter Random Acts) Member if you identify anyone that would benefit from BFRA.

About the Berkeley Fire Fighters Random Acts of Kindness 501(c)3:

BFRA is in partnership with 1227. This space is donated in kind, to Random Acts by BFFA local 1227

Ask any firefighter why he or she pursued their career path, and inevitably, one of the things that drove them was their want to help people. Often our only interaction with the public is at a time of catastrophe, when emotions are running high and there’s a job to be done. We see people during disaster, whether it be medical, fire, flood or other danger. Our contact is usually limited to mitigation; then, back to the fire house we go expected to cope. From adrenaline and exertion, heat and flame to mopping floors and washing apparatus. The way we help is usually short intervals of action, without long term result or permanence.

Berkeley Firefighters Random Acts of Kindness is an avenue that allows your firefighters the chance to have a longer lasting affect while giving the programs participants the opportunity to develop positive memories which counterbalance the suffering and pain to which we bear witness.

While Firefighters are out in the community, running calls or interacting, BFRA allows them the chance to address shortfalls they may observe, whatever they may be. Whether building wheelchair ramps, offering counseling to family after a loss, distributing meals during the holidays, BFRA harnesses our firefighters natural desire to help and provides an avenue to make it happen.